[CQ-Contest] UBN's and other stuff

Merrimon Crawford kf4oad at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 22 12:12:10 EST 2000

A much needed topic of discussion, Jim.

I would like to see more discussions of these matters and contest operating
techniques/modifications thereof with the advent of electronic log checkers
both on reflectors and in the contest journals.

What do I do if a CQing station does not acknowledge the correction I give
him/her of my call sign?  Should I change my reaction according to how long
I have been trying to correct him?  Will the big guns just pop me out of
their logs because I am a weaker station and they might lose points/time?
In this case, I will be severely penalized without knowing it----not only
the not-in-log point subtractions but as a weaker station who may only make
100-300 contacts per contest, the 2% eror rate is easier to accumulate.  

So far, I have entered people in good faith except when they will not
acknowledge the call sign correction by repeating it or at least saying
"QSL" or something and they seem to have some kind of attitude (I corrected
one person whose response was a nasty "yeah, yeah, yeah.").  But then
again, I have only just started turning in electronic logs and have yet to
see how much my scores will be reduced.

How does one's operating techniques change with a view to big stations and
smaller, weaker stations?

Merri KF4OAD

At 05:39 PM 3/22/00 , you wrote:
>  In these days of UBN's and associated four for one B (bad) or N (not in
>log) severe penalties: some rhetorical questions for the multitude:
>WHAT constitutes  a valid QSO in a contest?  Do I have to be in the other
>guy's log?  Does he have to have my call correct to count?  I acknowledge
>that I'm expected to have his accurately, and that is as it should be.

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