[CQ-Contest] The fourth dupe

Scott Detloff K8DX ni8l at raex.com
Tue Mar 28 09:36:37 EST 2000

During the WPX this weekend, while working Europe, a UT2xx  called in.
About an hour later he called in again.   I told him he was a dupe, but he
insisted, +ACI-no, no, no your not in my log+ACI-, so I worked him again.  About a
half hour later he called in and I reminded him that he was a dupe.  He
replied, +ACI-we've only worked on 10 meters+ACI-, but I let him know that I was
only single band 15M.  He again asked if I could work him and I did.
Only 15 minutes later he called in again.  I went off on him this time
and he let me know +ACI-I've only got you on 10 and 20 meters+ACEAIg-

Wouldn't want to be the log checkers going through his log +ACE-   At least
it wasn't as bad as the guys on 10M working CBer's from around the
world :-)

73...Scott K8DX (KX8R)

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