[CQ-Contest] When and why did rules change?

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr at radio.org
Fri May 5 12:04:33 EDT 2000

On 5/5/00 10:49 AM, Jon Ogden at jono at enteract.com wrote:

>> Which raises an interesting question -- is a multi-band dipole (ie one
>> with elements for one or more of 160, 80, 40) fed with the same feedline
>> disqualifying? It certainly has multiple elements....
>Ah, but there is a twist here.  If my dipole works (which it does) on
>80,40,30,17, and 12 meters, only ONE element is really active per band.
>When I operate on 40 meters, the 80 meter portion is trapped out and the
>elements that are for the other bands and not of proper electrical length
>for 40 meters so they can really be ignored for all practical purposes since
>they aren't resonant elements.  The additional "elements" certainly don't
>enhance the performance of the antenna, but rather probably make the
>performance a little worse if anything.  There is no tactical advantage to
>using them.

But you just said that the rule doesn't consider the electrical 
characteristics of the antenna, only its physical characteristics. QED.

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