[CQ-Contest] Windows-based pileup trainers: summary

Eric K3NA E-mail eric at k3na.org
Fri May 5 18:58:08 EDT 2000

   Two weeks I inquired about Windows-based pileup trainers.  Here's a
summary of responses to date:

1)  PileUp!  Written by G4ZFE.  Available at
http://www.babbage.demon.co.uk/pileup.html.  Works under Windows 95, but not
necessarily under Windows 98, Windows 2000, and probably not under Windows

2)  Yoshi Matsuda JH4NMT reported there is a Win32 trainer in development in
Japan.  It will not be released until after WRTC-2000.  It has been tested
under Win 95, Win 98, and Win NT 4.0 SP6.  It includes SSB pileup training.

   That's it!

-- Eric R3/K3NA

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