[CQ-Contest] When and why did rules change?

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Fri May 5 19:04:50 EDT 2000

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> Right! It's interesting to note that a Rhombic or V-Beam would be 
> allowed, since they are single-element, but a OWA dipole would not.

Why not ?
Because an OWA dipole is not in a single piece ?
Then, also a tapered/trapped element or even a trapped dipole (count 
the wires between traps) would be not allowed.

In my eyes, the fashion/custom to follow and sectionalyze (stretch?)
words to deduct rules in own preferable way looks more appropriate to 
attorneys than to contesters. Already more than 2000 years ago it was 
known, and judged, that any law has a "word" (like it's just written) 
and a "spirit" (how it has to be interpretated).
I stay that TS spirit was oriented to allow the competition among 
people using the typical antenna arrays of constrained locations were 
monobanders or long wave antennas are out of any discussion.

Mauri I4JMY 


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