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Fri May 5 21:15:46 EDT 2000

We have gone through a major upgrade at eHam.net.  We are now hosting the
site on a new system and the site is running on a much more robust 

One of the applications that we added to the site is an authoring tool
called Articles.  You can write articles about ham radio in plain text,
html, or Microsoft Word and upload them directly to the site.  We are also
paying authors for articles submitted.  Please see
http://www.eham.net/articles/payhelp for more information on our Pages
that Pay program.

We have also upgraded all of the applications added a few new features:

-Security - Much better security to prevent someone posting as you.
-Articles - Upload articles about ham radio.
-Forums - Place to talk about ham radio topics.  Subscribe to individual
topics rather than an entire forum (reflector).
-Strays - Post tidbits of information for the front page of the site.
-Exams - New question pool.
-Preferences - We'll remember your preferences when you come back to the
site.  So if you only want to see DX Spot on 160M, we'll know it and show
you only those spots each time you come back.  If you want to only see new
classified ads viewed in detail, we'll remember that too.

CONTESTING.COM web site update

We are going to upgrade the contesting.com web site and are looking for a
few managers to handle a few of the applications.  Actually, we are
looking for some help on eHam.net too.  If you have a few minutes a day to
help out with managing and promoting the site, please drop me a
note.  I'll forward it to the appropriate person.


Bill Fisher, W4AN

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>From Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc at dialup.mplik.ru  Sat May  6 08:26:49 2000
From: Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc at dialup.mplik.ru (Igor Sokolov)
Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 13:26:49 +0600
Subject: [CQ-Contest] When and why did rules change?
References: <FU3GO2$IlncqXMl2WfuuNt1SOy0jveubjfEaThNeW3ku5 at iol.it>
Message-ID: <004e01bfb72c$9e800fa0$f4ccfea9 at dialup.mplik.ru>

> attorneys than to contesters. Already more than 2000 years ago it was
> known, and judged, that any law has a "word" (like it's just written)
> and a "spirit" (how it has to be interpretated).
> I stay that TS spirit was oriented to allow the competition among
> people using the typical antenna arrays of constrained locations were
> monobanders or long wave antennas are out of any discussion.
> 73,
> Mauri I4JMY

Would you be able to DQ the participant based on the above "spirit"
principal. I do not insist that contest rules should be written to cover all
the possible situations but at least the explanation of some kind is in
order. I do not personally see any difference between the quad fed with one
coax through some complex LC switching arrangement, or a relay box or
multiple feed quad. I thing the major feature that distinguish the tribander
(multybander is better) from monoband like antenna is the length of the
elements and compromise spacing rather then the feeding method.
Multiple wl antennas should also be excluded because they give a lot of
advantage over half wl dipole, Having said that I admit it will be difficult
to formulate some perfect wording here so may be something about the
"intend"  and the "spirit" should be added instead.

Igor, UA9CDC

A3S and 2 band (80/160) dipole with coax traps.

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