[CQ-Contest] German Telegraphy Contest (DTC)

Felix J. Riess felix at dl5xl.de
Mon Oct 2 01:28:51 EDT 2000

The following may be of interest to the European readers of this
reflector. If you can spare some time on Tuesday morning (tomorrow),
please get on and try to work a few DLs. Your e-mail log to dtc at agcw.de
will be most appreciated, and you will receive a contest certificate free
of charge!

Good luck,

73 de Felix, DL5XL (S583D).


               Deutscher Telegraphie-Contest (DTC)
               === (German Telegraphy Contest) ===

Sponsors:      Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club (HSC)
               Radio Telegraphy Club e.V. (RTC)
               Arbeitsgemeinschaft Telegrafie e.V. (AGCW-DL)

Date:          October 3 (on German Unity Day each year)

Time:          0700 - 1000 UTC

Participants:  All licenced amateurs and SWLs; at least one of the QSO
               partners must be located in Germany.

Bands:         3,510 - 3,560 kHz, 7,010 - 7,030 kHz

Mode:          Only CW (A1A)! The same station may be worked only once
               per band. The use of keyboards and automatic CW decoders
               is against the contest rules. Each entry must contain a
               declaration that all contest rules have been observed.

Categories:    I:   less than 5 watts output (QRP)
               II:  between 5 and 125 watts output
               III: SWL

               Club stations of the sponsoring clubs will be ranked

Exchange:      RST and LDK (LDK is the registration number for the
               county - "Landkreis" - or the autonomous city - "kreis-
               freie Stadt" - where the station is currently located.)
               Example: 579HOL for participants in the county of Holz-
               minden. Stations outside Germany send only RST.

Scoring:       1 point per QSO, 2 points per QSO with a club station
               of one of the sponsoring clubs (at present DA0HSC,
               DA0RTC, DF0ACW, DF0AGC, DK0AG, DK0HSC, DK0RTC, DL0CWW,
               DL0DA, DL0HSC, and DL0RTC). SWL log entries must show
               both call signs and at least one complete exchange for
               each QSO.

Final Score:   Total sum of QSO points

Logs:          The log must show the complete exchanges sent and
               received. Contest deadline is October 30. Entries should
               be sent by mail to:

               Uwe Hiller, DK3WW
               AGCW #1906, HSC #1705, RTC #252
               Baestleinstraße 11E
               D-16540 Hohen Neuendorf

               Electronic entries via e-mail should be sent to:
               dtc at agcw.de.

               Each entrant is awarded with a coloured A4 certificate
               showing his placement and total score. Return postage
               will be greatly appreciated!

Note:          The counties ("Landkreise") and autonomous cities
               ("kreisfreie Staedte") (LDK) eligible for this contest
               may be taken from the list "Landkreisaufstellung fuer
               das CWD" included in the "RTC Book". To receive this
               book please send 5 DM in stamps and an SAL (sticker with
               your own address) to Jürgen Graf, DL5CM, P.O. Box 1104,
               D-06281 Eisleben.

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