[CQ-Contest] Internet/WebCam in the contest?!

Sylvan Katz jskatz at sk.sympatico.ca
Mon Oct 2 13:11:06 EDT 2000

> I am planning to operate SOSB 10m and might using Internet just for pushing
> my WebCam picture during the contest on the web.
> Is this count as Assisted or Unassisted category! What's your opinion???


Web cam sounds like a wonderful experiment - right in step with the long
tradition of  other 'amateur' radio experiments. Also, the amateur radio
community could benefit from a higher public view of our contesting activities.

Forget about the rules --- give it a go -- and let the adjudicators figure it
out which category your entry belongs, in other words submit a note with your
log explaining the situation and let them rule. BUT keep notes about how you
think it impacts you contesting and post your findings to this reflector so we
can share in your new experience.  You may be on to something interesting

 73 ... sylvan
Sylvan Katz
Saskatoon, Sask

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