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Martin Luther luther at mail.mdt.net.au
Tue Oct 3 06:30:55 EDT 2000

I think you missed my point.

YES, the winners will come from those who travel to the best places and YES
they will often be the best operators. BUT that should not denigrate others
nor should we assume that they ARE the BEST operators. They are the best at
doing what is necessary to win the CQWW contest, is that the way you define
the best? It is, for that one contest, but being the best contester implies
being good at all facets of contesting. That should include operating in all
types of contests, under different conditions and circumstances.

Having been a contester since the late 1960's I have a very good
understanding of what it takes to make the winners boxes. I have even
managed to do it a couple of times.

My career and life style did not, and does not, allow for travelling  to the
equator a couple of times a year. Nor do I really want to.

The challenge for me is to maximise the result from whatever limitations of
geography, lifestyle, income and personal ability that exist.

Now the debate becomes what is a good contester. You're note implies that
the only good contesters are those that prove themselves by going to the
best locations and making the box. Now, it is true that many of the best
contesters do this. However, I believe some of those same operators most
skillfull results are made when they do not have a geographic advantage.

There are contesters in this world who can walk into my shack the day before
the CQWW and would produce a better score than I could. Certainly put in the
right station at the right place they will win or come very close. Equally
there are some contesters who have mastered the skill of equatorial
contesting who would not equal the scores I can make when operating my
station. They both may make the box BUT they are not all the BEST!

After 30 plus years of contesting I know the guys that are better than me
and those that are not. As I get older it seems that there are more and more
getting better than me, but that's life I guess!

73, and

Don't forget the VK/ZL/Oceania contest this coming weekend ssb 1000z sat to
1000z sun , cw the following weekend.

Martin VK5GN (ex VK4VU)

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Well Well, Hi Martin

then you think that known how to play at best from a marginal area,
possibly with a marginal setup, in any better area of the world the
destiny is to win at first try ?
I'm sure people in zone 30 is doubly deserving credit and certainly
there are champions among them, but same certainly not because they
live in zone 30 they are all champions.
I fully respect both a VK5 and an EA8 knowing that VK5 is probably
suffering much more than who's in EA8 while not having the same
results, but if you think anyone who goes from VK5 to EA8 wins you are
totally wrong.
First of all not everyone would have the same results from EA8 because
what makes an operator good is own skill and not the place, althought a
place is potentially a winner's place when has the required features.
Second, each peculiar area, setup, environment, band and entry requires
different approaches likewise several tentatives before to develop how
to manage strategy and choose resources at best.
If you are a top operator, but sameway you have the humility and the
patience to properly train yourself to get skill you'll succed.
So, I strongly encorage you to pack your things, take planes, boats and
move to some of those "easy to win" places to install what you beleieve
is the proper setup and then playing your strategy in the contest.

You sayed also thet many of the worlds best operators never win much
more than a country or zone certificate ?
This is not correct, I invite you to dig with patience (callsigns
changed, MultiOp crews lists) into the last 10/20 or even 30 years
results and you'll discover that many of the people who goes or went in
strategical areas for contesting, and won, is or have been also a
continental leader if not a world winner.
On the contray, there is a consistent list of conceited people who
thought it was enough to go in special places but didn't succed in
obtaining noticeable results.
To win a F1 race it's need a top F1 car and a top F1 driver.

Mauri I4JMY

PS Summer olimpics can take place almost everywere, winter games
without snow and mountains are not the same good.

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> Well Well, Hi Mauri,
> So VK is not a 'real' place, then I suppose the Italians will be
> back their gold medals won in the Olympics held in this imaginary
place of
> Australia?
> So you cannot be a top operator when running from places other than
> "perfect" locations on the equator.
> Sheer nonsense!
> In fact the opposite is true. Many of the worlds best operators never
> much more than a country or zone certificate. I think you are
confused by
> all the hype that goes with "box" scores. After all T was a top op
before he
> got the drivers seat at EA8. He became so while often running low
powers and
> less than Formula 1 antennas.
> All the pressure for new categories results from this lack of respect
> for contest achievements outside the box.
> To get into the box you need to work lots of smaller stations, you
need VK
> and zone 30! If we are continually told we are not real, and our
results are
> not as worthwhile as those obtained at IG9,HC8 or EA8  then we will
> eventually take our bat and ball to play someplace else.
> 73
> Martin VK5GN

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Internet/WebCam in the contest?!
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I must disagree.  Widely announcing your contest activity as is possible on
the internet, even without making your operating frequency public, will
nonetheless draw some operators to attempt to locate and contact you.  This
is the meaning of solicitation.

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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Internet/WebCam in the contest?!

> > "The use by an entrant of any non-amateur means such as
> > telephones, telegrams, internet, or the use of packet to SOLICIT
> > contacts during the contest is unsportsmanlike and the entry is
> > subject to disqualification. "
> Surely the keyword is SOLICIT which is not a synonym for WEB CAM!!!!!
> --
> Sylvan Katz
> Saskatoon, Sask
> --
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Subject: [CQ-Contest] what do you mean solicitation???????
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Heah ZX!

Of course this is solicitation!  Are you saying that as a ham stumbling
across a guy running station you would NOT tune to that frequency...I do NOT
believe that!

If for no other reason you would want to try and see the amount of delay
between your visual and "real time" QSO...next you would wonder if you could
make the QSO and be able to see yourself being worked due to that delay...

OOooooops this is me thinking, excuse me for injecting my thoughts, but
heah - of course you would check it out - get like fer real, dude!

On the surface it looks like a great way to showcase contesting but it is
laden with pitfalls.  As N9RV pointed out this could only serve to - be it
however miniscule - enhance your score by a non-radio means...a no-no!

We all would love to have been able to watch K1TO and N5TJ win WRTC again
live on the web during an off time or two, sure...but, face it if you saw
the VFO you would have tuned in and given them a call...you KNOW you would

GN from


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