[CQ-Contest] web cam solicitation

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Tue Oct 3 10:00:17 EDT 2000

I hate to add to this but.....

If this is solicitation then so are the listings of Contest DXpeditions and 
DX newsletters that list where people are going for the contests and 
usually their exact callsign.  I have used these lists for 'new ones' I need 
to look out for.  I can be quite a stickler for rules too, but I don't see the 
web cam adding to scores any more than that which I just mentioned.  
And the web cam itself wouldn't add much, but the notice that it exists 
would do the most (like the DXpedition listings).  Without the frequency 
on display though, I would probably have a hard time finding them and 
would find many others to work during the search (assuming not using 
packet, then your assisted anyway).

Dan KI6X

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