[CQ-Contest] Soliciting Contacts

Jeffrey Clarke ku8e1 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 10 09:16:57 EDT 2000

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Remember back in the late 1970's when VP2KC solicited contacts over the telephone

for their CQWW SSB multi-multi effort ??? From what I remember there was an uproar

about that and the rules were changed to disallow this. Jump forward to the 1990's and 

now we are all hooked together via packet radio and starting in the the late 1990's via the

internet.....  What a great way to solicit contacts... It seems like some of big guns have an army of 

their buddies spotting them on the hour !!!   Now someone else has figured out another

way to solicit contacts  -  I am surfing the internet and go to the contesting.com webpage

an low and behold there is a banner add at the top of the page from the CN8WW contest

group asking me to work them in CQWW.  Not that they need any help in making contacts

considering they have the antennas that would rival any multi-multi out there plus they 

just happen to enjoy the points advantage that the few select areas of the world enjoy because

of CQ's unfair scoring system.  I think the contest sponsors need to step forward and 

outlaw these practices.......

                                                       Jeff  KU8E


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