[CQ-Contest] Soliciting Contacts

Mark S. Williams n4okx at n4gn.com
Wed Oct 11 02:22:04 EDT 2000


Don't feel like the Lone-Ranger...I was on QRZ.com today...(I just changed
calls) and there was a big banner flashing "CN8WW" and a "click here for
more info on the CQWW 2000" link...which takes you to a "full page" add
soliciting contacts...with suggested frequencies on each band...for the
test...and stating "even if you worked us last year..you'll want this year's
updated QSL...and awards for working them on several bands"

I don't know, are these guys PR wizards...or rule benders. Where does it say
it's unethical to pre-publicize your contest callsign??? Doesn't every major
dx/contestpedition alert the bulletins as to their call and QSL info??? Do
you read Daily DX or some other bulletin to find out whats going to be on??
Every contest trip I've taken included a print out of known and planned
contest operations.

I don't think pre-contest publicity is such a bad thing...what's the worst
that could happen...a few more casual operators get on looking to work their
first 100 countries...isn't that more stations we can all work?

This is quite a bit different from soliciting Q's on packet...or using
packet when you're entered as a single op.

Have you ever moved a rare mult to another band....isn't THAT soliciting Q's
and mults???

Just my two cents


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