John T. Laney, III K4BAI at worldnet.att.net
Tue Oct 24 11:48:35 EDT 2000

I think the best use of these data bases in contests is to have them
available, but to ignore them until and unless there is difficulty in
getting a complete call through.  Then, it may be possible to look at
the callsign list and ask the calling station to confirm the callsign in
the list that seems the closest to what you have heard.  Most of the
time, a savvy operator will get a confirmation that way that the
callsign is correct.  If not, it would be unwise to confirm the contact
and log the unconfirmed call.  

I suspect that most newer operators would be better off from the
standpoint of their scores and especially from the standpoint of
developing their skills by never (or almost never) using the callsign
lists available such as supercheck partial.  

The best advice in all contests still is, if you have doubt, don't
confirm the contact over the air (so that there is a possibility of a
later QSO with the station) and don't log it.


John, K4BAI/8P9HT.

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