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Mon Oct 23 17:30:07 EDT 2000

At 11:49 PM 10/22/00 -0400, DougKR2Q at aol.com wrote:

>That's why the CQWW contest is the best and most respected large-scale DX 
>contest in the world.  Entrants need to copy callsigns correctly 
>themselves...not look at a database (no matter accurate it may or may not
>before, during, or after the contest.  To thyne own self be true.
>[these comments are mine are should be construed as anything "official" from 
>any contest committee with which I may be associated]

I don't follow that Doug, please explain.  The CQWW rules do not prohibit
the use of such databases.  See for yourself:


Why do entrants need to copy the callsigns correctly themselves in CQWW and
not some other contest?  Few contests, if any, prohibit the use of such
databases.  So how can that factor make CQWW the best and most respected

If copying ability without assistance from a database were the determinent
of which contests were the best and/or most respected, it seems to me that
ARRL Sweepstakes or the NCJ Sprint would be pretty high on the list since
the complex exchanges are helped the least by historical databases.  CQWW
would be low on the list since the exchange (a non-varying signal report
and zone number) can be predicted (or at least the possibilities limited in
the case of multi-zone countries) by a database lookup from the callsign
prefix.  Most logging programs do that for you automatically.

I have to conclude that it must be something else that makes CQWW the best
and most respected contest, if that is even the case.


Eric, KU6J


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