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Bob Cox k3est at mother.com
Tue Oct 24 20:12:10 EDT 2000

Dear Fellow Contester,

Soon radios everywhere will be activated for the 2000 CQ WW SSB.

A reminder.  Remember that contesting is a sport that requires a great deal
of personal
commitment to fairness, especially by those at the highest levels. We want
remind the contest community that there exists within the rules of the CQ WW
a means for not allowing a score due to "unsportsmanlike conduct" such as
running excess power which we define as more than 1500 w output on any band,
the use of packet by a non-assisted entrant or self-spotting by those using
packet .  Contesting depends on the  fair competitive spirit of all

 Check out the CQ WW web page at http://www.cqww.com  for the all-time SSB
records for your country or call area. You may find your call there or a
record that you can surpass. If you see an error let us know at
mailto:questions at cqww.com.

It is near the sun spot max,  conditions should be great, there should be
LOTS of DX...so get on the air and have FUN!

CU in the WW.

Bob, K3EST
CQ WW Director

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