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Wed Oct 25 04:56:24 EDT 2000

At 11:48 PM 10/24/00 -0400, DougKR2Q at aol.com wrote wrote:

>Did you follow the discussion?  Someone said his call was in the Master 
>Database, but it was BUSTED.  It is only logical that you should not trust a 
>database of unknown vailidity.  It has NOTHING to do with the rules.  What 
>don't you follow?

I completely agree that you shouldn't trust such a database, and that goes
for ANY contest.  Your original comment seemed to imply that there was
something unique about CQWW in this regard, and that was what I didn't

>>That's why the CQWW contest is the best and most respected large-scale DX 
>>contest in the world.  Entrants need to copy callsigns correctly 
>>themselves...not look at a database (no matter accurate it may or may not
>>before, during, or after the contest.  To thyne own self be true.

Since you agree that we're not talking about a rules issue, and the need to
copy callsigns correctly applies to ALL contests, there must be some other
reason or reasons that CQWW is (arguably) the 'best and most respected
large-scale DX contest in the world'.

Your "That's why" phrase is what threw me.  Thanks for the clarification.


Eric, KU6J

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