[CQ-Contest] CQWW

Dinkelman, Michael W. michael.dinkelman at physio-control.com
Wed Oct 25 08:56:07 EDT 2000

....and when you are all done with CQWW and the other tests
over the next 8 weeks, be sure to submit your score rumors
via the 3830 Score Submittal Forms at http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score/.

It provides a standardized format for score parsing, formats
your message in plain text, and saves me  (the list administrator)
from a lot of work in approving bounced messages. If you are 
worried about creativity, you can post (cut and paste) just 
about anything you want into the comments section including 
your summary sheet, rates, breakdowns, and stories (which we 
all enjoy reading). 

My thanks to Bruce Horn, WA7BNM (one of many unsung heros who allow us
to enjoy the Internet and combine it with radio), for providing 
this service over the past year.

See you in the (CW) tests!
dink, N7WA

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