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On 10/26/00 10:42, Hammond, Rob (EU-Pencoed) at Rob.Hammond at eu.sony.com 

>I have an ATAS100 on the car & next door has a Huge garage with a metal roof
>( about 30ft x 25ft ) which is above the houses since we're on a slope. 
>Does anyone think it's worth the effort installing the ATAS on the Roof (
>permission granted ) so I get Omni direction or is it not worth it as the
>antenna is so inefficient that I won't be heard on a band that's gonna be
>full of BIG signals ???

Go ahead and put it up. It's rarely the case where you have too many 
antennas. It also gives you a vertical choice over your horizontal 

>Also my sleep patterns allow for about 38-40 hours of operating if I can
>stay awake anyone got any ideas how I can stay awake & when should I really
>call it a night for a few hours & get some sleep ?

Here's a simple rule of thumb -- so long as you're still having fun, keep 

Since you don't have much of an antenna for the low bands, the best time 
for sleep is probably from around 5 hours after sunset to about an half 
hour before sunrise. 

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