[CQ-Contest] Pelican 1610

KEN SILVERMAN k2kw at prodigy.net
Sat Oct 28 21:50:19 EDT 2000

>The new 1610 looks large enough for a radio like the 1000MP with no extra
>space, more suitcase sized.


I would caution you on using the 1610.  The pelican 1650 has an internal
width of 18", where width of the 1610 is 17".  While that might sound
insignificant, the MP is already a tight fit in the 1650.  And if you don't
have the MP oriented in the 1650 correctly, it will crush in the front
tuning knob and/or coax connectors.

On my DX Holiday web site http://pages.prodigy.net/k2kw/qthlist/  you can
find a fairly good description and photos on packing the MP in the 1650 case
(with proper orientation).  You can jump right to the write up by clicking

Kenny, K2KW

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