[CQ-Contest] Business as usual.....

Henry Heidtmann n4vhk at summitschool.com
Tue Oct 31 08:53:00 EST 2000

	I have to agree with Scott. This is nonsense. If you are not working a
mult, as a M/S, you are in clear violation of the rule. I would consider
this type of transmission by a mult station "operating outside the
limits of your category for the duration of the contest."
	I think a similar situation came up several years ago when a qrp op
would call CQ, get a station to hear him, then cut the power down to
make the qrp qso. 
	 This will turn a M/S into a 2 radio cq machine. Why not just make it
like ARRL with the m/2 category? Because its CQWW.
	Wow, another end run around the rules.
Henry, N4VHK
Winston-Salem, NC

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