[CQ-Contest] Business as usual.....

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 30 16:52:21 EST 2000

> Scott,
> Although I agree,  I would not do it,     I don't
> see where it is highly
> unethical.
> He explained the situation and was within the rules.
> What you're really saying is I want everyone to
> follow MY rules.

The above message was sent to me as a private email,
and out of respect for this I have not repeated the 
writer's callsign here.

I am in favor of operating within whatever the
rules say.  If the CQ WW rules allow multiple
transmitters to transmit CQ's while "multi-single"
under the situation described as IQ4A was doing 
(and the rules do) then so be it.  No disqualification
or sanction should be necessary for them.


I do, however, believe that using multiple
transmitters to call CQ in the WW while "multi-single"
and then refusing to work stations that answer you is
poor and unethical operating practice even though
allowed by the rules.  

In contesting, like any facet of life, what is legal
and what is ethical do not always meet.  Remember the
"no controlling legal authority" statement by one of
our esteemed presidental candidates when confronted
with unethical behavior?

Scott Robbins, W4PA

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