[CQ-Contest] Behavior of U.S. M/M's in CQ WW

Nat Heatwole heatwole at clark.net
Tue Oct 31 15:27:52 EST 2000

During the CQ WW DX SSB this past weekend I encountered an interesting
situation and thought I should share it with the group. I got a late start
on the contest (starting about 1.25 hours late) starting initially by S/Ping
on 20m. I ran off a few DX QSO's at the bottom of the band before running
into a very well known, East Coast M/M station calling CQ with what seamed
like few responses.

I didn't yet have the Zone 5 mult (this particular M/M's zone) or the USA
mult so I thought I would work him for the quick and easy double mult. I
dumped my call in after he finished a CQ and his response was the following:

"WZ3AR, sorry, we can't work stateside in this one, I won't put you in the
log, ok?"

Translation: "I already have Zone 5 on this band so working you would yield
ME no points, so go away". Why on earth would this M/M chose to do this? Why
couldn't he have just worked me and be done with it? It actually would have
taken him LESS time to work me then to explain all of the above to me.
Therefore it would have been to his ADVANTAGE to actually work me, take the
zero QSO points, and move on.

Is this the common policy of all M/M's: don't work anyone in a US zone after
you already have worked that mult on that band? That seams very selfish to
me, and it certainly doesn't promote the idea of bringing new people into
contesting. What should I have done to get the QSO/mults? Should I have told
him that I had gotten a late start and didn't have 05 yet? Would he then
have worked me? Could I have done anything? What should be the policy of M/M
's in CQ WW?

73, Nat, WZ3AR

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