[CQ-Contest] Not just 40M

Hammond, Rob EU-Pencoed Rob.Hammond at eu.sony.com
Tue Oct 31 17:02:14 EST 2000

>>many European stations
>>made qso's below 7.040, the lowest i heard was around 7.010 ... making
>>CW contacts impossible

I'd just like to add a note to Fabian & Tom's mailings:
It wasn't just 40M I noticed it . 10 & 15M also. The more crowded the bands
got, the wider they got ( normal but read on ). In many countries, this
isn't such a problem as the band plans are different, but certainly many
Europeans were well below where they should have been. I was running in the
low power category & my thoughts were "If I've got to battle with the QRM,
that's life". It is frustrating but then it is a contest after all. Expect
For the people that don't like contests, there are always other modes but if
we invade their space as well, no wonder new blood is so hard to get.  

Anyway back to picking up the pieces of antenna after the worst storms in a
decade ( my contest ended at 18:00UTC Sunday thanks to the wind ) !!!!


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