[CQ-Contest] Food for thought re wide signals

Richard Gelber RGelber at compuserve.com
Tue Oct 31 16:41:35 EST 2000

To elaborate a bit on Yuri's point regarding wide signals:

If your transceiver produces 3rd order products 35 db down, then even if
your amplifier adds NO distortion of its own (not likely), but only
amplifies every thing fed into it by the same factor, then your third order
products on the air will be 35 db down from 1500 watts, or half a watt.  A
half a watt of RF fed into a high stack is still pretty loud on the other

On the other hand (the following is not an advertisement for Yaesu), those
of you busy buying up the new FT-1000MP Mark V's from the stores, should
seriously consider using the 75 watt Class A setting. This is still enough
power for most modern amplifiers, even cathode-driven ones, and with your
3rd order products being 50 db down or better, that's only 15 milliwatts,
and only KR2Q can be heard with that little power.

Rich K2WR

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