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Tue Oct 31 18:28:36 EST 2000

There have been some questions some people have had with respect
to the SS.  I thought I would give some suggestions for the best
way to answer them.  These are semi-offical as I am involved in 
the log checking process:

Q: My uncle worked me in the contest, but didn't work anyone else.
Will the QSO be removed from my log?

A: No.  Unique callsigns are not removed from your score - unless
they are determined to be an incorrect callsign.  

Q: We are going to be multi-single in the contest.  Should we change
the check each time we change operators?

A: The rules aren't very specific about this.  It would be best if
you picked one check (maybe that of the callsign being used) and 
stuck with that all weekend.  Using different checks will be 
detected by the log checking software and essentially there will
be no exchange checking for the QSOs you make.  If you send the
same information all weekend, we can use your exchange in the 

If you are a guest op - you can pick either check.  Most people 
consider it polite to use the callsign of the station you are
operating and your own personal check.

Q: I started the contest running 5 watts (QRP class), but after six 
hours, I decided to increase my power to 100 watts.  Should I change
my precedence from Q to A?

A: Yes.  When increasing your power level, it is probably a good
idea to change your precedence sent.  This will help us get your 
score in the right category when running the results as the 
default category is defined by what we put in our database. 

If you reduce power during the event, it would probably be better
to keep the higher power precedence for this same reason.

Q: I operated the first day of the contest from my weekend cabin in
Vermont and then I finished the contest from my home in New York.  
Should I send in two logs?

A: Sure - you should always send in your logs when possible.  It would
make our life a little easier if you used different callsigns for the
two operations - but we will deal with it manually if you used the same

Q: I worked a number of stations in the SS, but didn't keep a log.
Will they lose their QSO credit for my contacts if I don't send a
log in?

A: No.

Q: I understand the Cabrillo format is required now for log submissions.
My logging program doesn't support this format.  Will I be disqualified
if I send the log in with the old format?

A: Adopting the Cabrillo format will really help us handle your log 
efficiently and minimize the possibility of getting you in the wrong 
category.  You should be able to get a program update from your 
software vendor.  However, we can still handle your log in the old
ARRL format - but it creates more work for us.  You will probably get
a nasty note from someone, but we wouldn't DQ your log.

Hope this straight talk helps some of you.  Please get on and hand out
a few QSOs in the "Indy 500" of contests.  

73 Tree N6TR
n6tr at contesting.com

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