[CQ-Contest] Re: M/S CQing in CQWW

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Tue Oct 31 18:59:48 EST 2000

This is an interesting question, but I think that it IS allowed under 
existing rules. This is because CQWW M/S is NOT a SINGLE transmitter 
category. How many of us in the M/S category were using a single 
transmitter?- (NONE that I am aware of!) In fact, not only were we using 
multiple transmitters, but we were transmitting on two radios simultaneously. 
This is within the rules as published...

Now having said that, I feel that good operating practice should limit CQing 
by M/S stations to little or (preferably) none. I will admit that this 
weekend I called "CQ zone 3" once on 160m - N6RO promptly answered providing 
the mult! - thanks Ken... I'm not proud of it however :-)
Imagine what the bands would sound like if all the M/S stations were on 
calling CQ like M/Ms, only to tell you that they can't work you because 
you're not a new mult. I have actually had some of the big Italian M/S 
stations do this to me. In my opinion, this is a poor operating practice that 
is on par with the M/M stations that won't log US stations.

Unlike ARRL contests, which have a true M/S class, the CQ M/S category is 
really a limited Multi-2. When I think of it that way, it's easier for me to 
interpret. Anyway, I doubt CQ is changing any rules - (never have, never 
will). There are certainly more heinous rules and loopholes than this one in 
CQ contests. 

My .02,

Will  AA4NC / W4MR

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