[CQ-Contest] Speaking of Courtesy Violations

Rod Greene w7zrc at micron.net
Tue Oct 31 17:18:22 EST 2000


Same thing at NK7U.  While I was doing a stint on 40m,
Some station came down to the receive frequency and
said I was interfering with a net.  I explained (on the proper
transmit frequency) that I had been there a long time
before their net ever started.  A little later I checked my
transmit freq and sure enough I was getting a lot of "bad
mouth."  Shortly I QSYed as I don't feel it is good image
to stay and cause hard feelings to become worse.  Bottom
line, courtesy seems to only go one way, as in a lot
of things in this life.

Rod - W7ZRC

At 09:58 PM 10/30/2000 -0500, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote:

>At 09:11 AM 10/30/2000 -0800, KK7SR at arrl.net wrote:
>>Unfortunately, my memories of the CQ WW will be tainted by the number of 
>>boorish hams that piled onto a couple of nets that I enjoy just to work a 
>>needed multiplier.  We are not talking newbies here; there were a number 
>>of well known contester callsigns heard transmitting with reckless 
>>abandon and total lack of basic operating courtesy and responsibility on 
>>a frequency that had been in use for some time.
>I was the 40m op at KC1XX.
>As you may know, 40 and 75 are mostly done using split-frequency 
>operation, transmitting above 3750/7150 and listening down.  We almost 
>NEVER listen to our own transmit frequency.  As some stations in the USA 
>probably realize, if they tried to call us transceive, we almost never 
>heard them, unless by some stroke of luck we just happened to check the 
>transmit frequency for some unknown reason.
>When I was running, I asked a couple of times if the frequency was in 
>use.  I avoided places where there were QSOs taking place.
>However, if I was tuning the band, and some station announced he was 
>listening on 7205, then I just set the Transmit VFO and went.  I didn't 
>bother listening first.  If the DX station thought the frequency was clear 
>enough to listen, then I assumed that it was.   It's just TOO DARNED HARD 
>to check your transmit frequency first in these situations.  It's all part 
>of the battle, and unfortunately, the low-band guys need to take this into 
>account a couple of times a year.
>We did get one E-mail during the contest complaining about QRM to an 
>on-going QSO.  It was probably one of these types of situations, I would 
>not have deliberately called CQ on a busy channel.
>73 - Jim AD1C
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