[CQ-Contest] ...the bottom line is VERY obvious

Gilmer, Mike mgilmer at gnlp.com
Fri Sep 15 09:08:06 EDT 2000

VR2BG wrote:
> In one of those Qs, I even recorded the guy's next Q & he sent the
> next sequential number from what he'd sent me, which was nowhere
> near what was in the log the bloke subsequently submitted.
> Between those & a couple of checking mistakes already identified
> by Dave, a good portion of what I lost wasn't my fault.
> That simply isn't on.

Let's face it, the log checking can only do so much (how many busted QSOs
did it NOT catch?) and often is at the mercy of the quality of the senders'
logs.  Some log checking tries to weed out the "unstable" logs - perhaps
your example can be used to make the next revision(s) even better.

In the meantime, your example is a case to remove points from the
currently-presumed-*good* log as well as from the *bad* log.


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