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> One idea that surfaces consistently is that we compete against ourselves.
>  The only other sport I can think of where that holds true is golf.  Perhaps
>  bowling.  But in golf we have two concepts that are absent from radio -- 
>  concept of "average" (par) and the concept of "handicap".  Are either of
>  these concepts transportable to radio?
Hi Marty ---

My thoughts as well --- in fact here's part of the message I sent to Bill 
Fisher with a copy to the reflector, but which never made it onto the list ---

I've often thought that some sort of adjustment to scores might be logically 
based on an evaluated ERP factor. For example: take an average station with 
150W, a triband antenna for the high bands, and usual wires for the low 
bands. Set that as a "standard" with a factor of 1. All other stations would 
be compared against that standard and a factor calculated which would be 
applied to the final score. Example: if the station has only a dipole(s) on 
the high bands, but all else is the same, then the overall erp is reduced by 
let's say 4 dB. That would lead to a factor to be the multiplier for the 
final score of maybe 1.2. Conversely, if the station has a 3 by 5 stack of 
tribanders, the erp would go up by perhaps 6 dB and the resulting multiplier 
would be something like 0.8

It seems to me that with some creative statistics we could come up with a 
series of classes that the competitor would choose among.

What do you think, might this be a way to approach the problem? 

No additional classes or categories, just a multiplier for the final score. 
All else remains the same.
I like your idea of par --- it makes a nice target.

73, Bill, W1HIJ (/6)

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