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Tue Apr 3 23:22:00 EDT 2001

In a message dated 4/3/2001 20:07:46 Eastern Daylight Time,
tombaugh at discoverynet.com writes:

 >  DX'ers from now on must qualify how they got the information? Is it OK if
 >  they received the information snail mail from one of the publications? That
 >  to is using assistance isn't it?

Yep, it must be too late :-)

Let me try analogy to this one if it is so hard to comprehend the difference.

Your snail mail notifications is equivalent to someone telling you that in
the forest there is a bear this weekend. It means: Goody, I can go and find
it and kill it (if I am good enough, have big enough gun or lucky). You need
to spin VFO and look for the beast. You are doing the hunting.

Your packet spot during the contest means: Here is the bear chained to the
stake, on 14 251, right now, go and kill the beast. They show the beast to
you, aim the gun for you. You press the F1 couple of times, you got him.

Can you see the difference?

Oh, fuggetaboutit, looks like it is too late and we are slipping already.
Sorry I expressed my OF opinion. I guess I should start listening to rap,
eating vegetarian, maybe I will "get it" too  :-)

Have fun whatever turns you on! Just work me in the contest :-)

73 and peace!

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