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No AGC is potentially a dangerous practice for ears since any RF 
increase at the antenna connector produces an identical variation on 
the AF level. Beware that signals with huge level differences are not 
uncommon, also during contests, expecially in silent bands or when 
attenuators are used. In such cases the sound pressure can easily jump 
beyond a safe limit.

Mauri I4JMY


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> Art,
> In recent years, I have learned to use the radio with the AGC turned o
ff.  I 
> have learned that many old time cw ops have used this technique for ye
ars.  I 
> don't always do it, but find it useful in some types of condx.  If I a
> working a weak pileup, I find that it works really well in distinguish
ing one 
> signal from another.  Of course, strong stations calling on the freq w
> blast your ears; a real problem forcing the need to ride the RF gain c
> A trick that Dean, N6BV, told me about is to keep the audio gain as lo
w as 
> possible.  It helps to differientiate one weak sig from another.  In d
> multi-
ops with other operators, I find that they generally run the audio gain 
> too high, IMHO.  I try to keep the audio cranked down to where the sig
s are 
> barely hearable.
> Something that I have come across in the past year that I really like 
is the 
> binaural cw feature in the Timewave 599zx.  This is a subtle feature t
> tends to put the high tones in the right ear and the low tones in the 
> ear.  This gives a depth to the cw signals and in a strange way seems 
to give 
> a separation of the tones in the brain.  I can't explain it any better
> that, other than to say that I find it pleasant and a help in the pile
> 73, George
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