[CQ-Contest] Contest miracle drug

ted demopoulos kr1g at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 3 18:38:54 EST 2001

I remember in College someone in Organic Chemistry lab synthesized Pimolene 
(spelling?), which which supposedly used by fighter pilots in WW 2. It kept 
people awake and alert, without being nervous or wired, for 2-3 days. Never 
tried it myself.

I suppose stimulants are OK, but what can be more stimulating than a DX 
Ted KR1G

>From: Jim Idelson <k1ir at designet.com>
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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest miracle drug
>Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 08:00:37 -0500
>Hi everyone,
>Saw this on Good Morning America today.
>Modafinil (sold under the name Provigil) keeps you awake and alert 
>the contest. See:
>New category - SOM [Single-Op Modafinil] - and/or drug policy obviously
>"This is to certify that in this contest I have operated my transmitter 
>the limitations of my license and have observed fully the rules and 
>of the contest. And, my sample for drug testing is enclosed."
>Jim K1IR
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