[CQ-Contest] Contest miracle drug

corneliuspaul at gmx.net corneliuspaul at gmx.net
Mon Dec 3 20:25:48 EST 2001

>>I suppose stimulants are OK..

actually do you really think so? well, it is beyond control anyway 
but i would hate to see a "must dope if want to win" scenario in
contesting like we see in high level sports nowadays..

i, for one, enjoyed the strange mindset the long periods of
staying awake during this years contest gave me...
if my girlfriend hadnt been there playing the human alarm clock in the 
night between saturday/sunday i wouldnt have woken up after just 1.5 hours
of sleep. i can tell you this was one of the most strange and memorable
waking-ups i ever had. felt like coming out of the darkest black hole,
with a _totally_ empty brain, great experience!!
this repeated on monday morning when i had to get up again after 4
hours sleep to take everything down. combine this with a wonderful
sunrise and cold fresh air - great. 

wouldnt want to swap this for a dope hangover
leave the chemicals in the nightclubs...

73 con df4sa/cs7t

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