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> Something that I have come across in the past year that I really like is
> binaural cw feature in the Timewave 599zx.  This is a subtle feature that
> tends to put the high tones in the right ear and the low tones in the left
> ear.  This gives a depth to the cw signals and in a strange way seems to
> a separation of the tones in the brain.  I can't explain it any better
> that, other than to say that I find it pleasant and a help in the pileups.

G6CJ designed one of these many years ago, using op-amps, and called it the
'Stereocode Unit'. I built one and still use it all the time for CW -
wouldn't do without it. If anyone has access to back issues of the RSGB's
Radcomm magazine, they should be able to find the article in the index.
There was a design for a PCB included as well. Well worth building.

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