[CQ-Contest] WRTC-2002 FIS Rankings - USA

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Tue Dec 4 10:59:35 EST 2001

Now that the deadline for Wildcard applications for WRTC-2002 has passed, I
am making the following public:

In my attempt to determine my chances of getting a USA Wildcard berth for
WRTC-2002 and in getting guidance in selecting a Wildcard teammate, I took
the time and made the effort (and it was an effort and it did take a LOT of
time) to enter USA results for all 15 contests used in the WRTC-2002 FIS
Ranking system. I followed the WRTC-2002 Committee rules and formulas and
entered all the data into an Excel spreadsheet (OK, I didn't enter low power
single band results or all of the M/M or M/S results.)

If you wish to see the entire spreadsheet, send me an email and I'll email
it back.

There is a great deal of inherent unfairness in this, but such is the nature
of the beast. For instance, a world record effort in CQWW gets the same
score as the winner of zone 3. Remember only the best 6 scores from CQWW, CQ
WPX and IARU contests for 1998 - 2000 are included. US ops contesting from
DX locations are included. A score of 0.0 is perfect. If 10 or more
submissions per category from a zone (CQWW) or call area (WPX, IARU) are
reported, the winner gets 0 points, even for a seemingly part time effort.
Only 3 M/S or M/M scores are allowed, so if an operator only does multi's,
there are 3 contests with maximum penalty points.  Many of the "top"
contesters didn't have the required 6 submissions and received the maximum
penalty points for the non-submissions.

The bottom line resulted in the following "top 25:"

K5TR 	0.0
KQ2M	0.0
W4AN	-14.4
K1AR	-16.8
N5KO	-21.5
K5ZD	-26.7
N9RV	-27.7
N2IC	-31.0
N5TJ	-31.2
K3WW	-40.7
N6IG	-41.2
N6TJ	-46.0
K6LA	-49.0
K3MM	-50.7
KI1G	-55.7
N4MO	-60.0
K1DG	-67.6
N2NT	-70.8
N8TR	-75.5
WB9Z	-77.0
KE3Q	-78.8
K4XS	-84.0
N0NR	-95.6
KV0Q	-97.0
K3ZO	-98.3

73, Ken, K6LA

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