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Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg at contesting.com
Wed Dec 5 07:47:15 EST 2001

Noice-canceling headphones are pretty effective (~10dB) at reducing most of this kind of shack noise.  And you can still hear your wife calling you for dinner!

Mike N2MG

On Wed, 05 December 2001, "Eric Scace" wrote:

>    One improvement is to first provide the ear with a quiet listening environment before the radio is turned on.  To test this out
> in your own station, turn on all your usual contesting equipment, put on your headphones, but don't plug the headphones into the
> receiver.  Just sit there with dead headphones and notice how much other "stuff" you can hear.  Start to work on eliminating this
> background QRN.  You might relocate some hardware with noisy fans or use headphones with better all-encompassing earmuffs (even
> aeronautical-grade headphones made to shut out engine noise), for example.  I have also reduced the background QRN by using ear
> plugs (another 10 dB of noise reduction) as a last step.

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