[CQ-Contest] Log Checking and Dupes?

Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Wed Dec 5 11:30:17 EST 2001

Greg, K0OB writes:

> What is the best way to handle this situation for 
> UBN dupe checking? I have a station in the log twice.
> The first time the contact is logged the station
> worked says I did not work him so I logged him
> again. The second Q is now good in the other
> stations log but the first Q isn't in the
> other stations log. Should I change the
> first Q to a call sign of another station
> to make it a dupe? Or should I leave it
> the way it is? If I leave it will I be penalized
> for the first contact since I didn't really
> work him or will the log checking S/W recognize
> the two Q's and see one as a dupe?

All state of the art log checking software will recognize
this situation for what it is, and do the right thing.  

Essentially, the first QSO will be counted as a dupe if it
can't be matched up.

I can speak first hand for the SS and CQ WW that this will
not be a problem.  

73 Tree N6TR
n6tr at contesting.com

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