[CQ-Contest] RE: CQ Contest Digest V4 #423

Mark Beckwith swca at swbell.net
Tue Dec 11 04:40:47 EST 2001

>Think about it, say you want to search for TS-940 and
>some guys enter TS-940, others TS940, others 940,

>Good choice on not having logging in and passwords,
>etc.  It's amazing how much of a time sink
>administering passwords can be!

I work with a non-profit with about 500 members and a password protected area
which was automated using software tools which are included with the server
package.  I don't think the web master spends any time (to speak of)
administering it.

Our online database, on the other hand, has always been a pain in the butt for
all the reasons people are discussing.  Inquiries are hard to do which will net
useful results.  We download the actual data file and use Excel and Access on it
when we have to do anything for real.  We also upload beautiful, cleaned up
massaged data periodically.  Perhaps, Pete, you could post a periodic big file
which was public?  People could download the data file and process it to their
heart's content.

Mark, N5OT

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