[CQ-Contest] What do SO2R guys do in 10m contest?

ted demopoulos kr1g at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 12 20:01:09 EST 2001

I'll try to put the second radio on a distant R5, or possibly on the 
beverages (which do work, at least sometimes, quite well on 10).

CW only, so we'll see how it works. My SO2R skills are - ughh - unskilled, 
so it may not matter much!
Ted KR1G

>From: "Barry " <w2up at mindspring.com>
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>Subject: [CQ-Contest] What do SO2R guys do in 10m contest?
>Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 16:52:47 -0000
>I haven't operated the 10m contest in a number of years (since going
>SO2R), and thought I'd play around in it this weekend. Of course, I
>would do CW only.
>I'm curious what the SO2R guys do in the 10m contest to fill all the extra
>time now available, using only one radio?
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