[CQ-Contest] What do SO2R guys do in 10m contest?

Jerry Flanders jflanders2 at home.com
Wed Dec 12 15:53:05 EST 2001

I would be concerned about blowing the front end of the first radio when 
the second one transmits with high power. I would rig up  a RF voltmeter 
and measure the RF at the "other" antenna's feedline. If I measured more 
than maybe a half volt I would want to use "somebody else's" radio!

Even with stubs on my (separate) cross-polarized antennas that are 140 feet 
apart, I still get up to 300 mv on an RF voltmeter on some bands with high 

A 50 ohm resistor, capacitor, diode, and your digital MM will tell you the 
approx. RF voltage.

Jerry W4UK

At 01:07 PM 12/12/2001 -0500, ballen at bravoalpha.com wrote:

>Two years ago in the CQWW I decided to do 10 meter single
>band low power after years as SO2R, multi-band, low power.
>For this same reason (one radio is now too boring) I decided
>to put up a spotting dipole, end-fire to my beams, about 120'
>away from the closest beam. I was able to listen as close as
>about 30 Khz from my transmitting signal with bearable noise,
>and about 80Khz away there would be no noise. I would say
>that my experience low power with two radios on the same band
>was probably more fun than I'd had in prior years with one
>radio high power.
>This weekend we are going to try Multi-op single transmitter.
>We are going to try the same thing of a spotting antenna, and
>a crossover switch that will allow either the CW or Phone
>station to switch the spotting dipole with the amp/beams.
>This will be the first time I've attempted high-power on the
>same band here and we've got a few hundred Khz extra
>separation that I didn't have in CW only.
>Let us know if you get 2 radios working on the same band!
>73, Brooke N2BA

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