John T. Laney, III k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Thu Dec 13 04:28:59 EST 2001

I agree with Jim.  But, I think the specific question was whether or not
there was any software availble to check a log to see if the rule was
violated.  I don't know about it being available to the public
generally, but the contest log scorers must have such software.  I find
it very easy to check a M/S log after the contest manually to make sure
the rule was not violated.  I have caught a few mistakes in M/S
operations in the past year and have always advised the contest sponsors
of the unintentional violations so that they can take appropriate action
to delete unearned contacts and not reclassify the log as M/M.  In the
Cabrillo format, there is no way to "zero point" a QSO and it would be
very unfair to the other guys to simply delete the QSOs made in
violation of the rule.

Hopefully most of the logging programs will soon be modified so that
they will do a "count down" for each of the major DX contests according
to the various rules.


John, K4BAI.

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