[CQ-Contest] Re: SO2R in a Monoband Contest

Tobias Wellnitz t.wellnitz at gmx.de
Sat Dec 15 00:20:33 EST 2001

Hi Folks,

replying to Barry's (W2UP's) mail:

 >I'm curious what the SO2R guys do in the 10m contest to fill all the 
 >extra time now available, using only one radio?

Last year I join together with Michael DL3SBI the ARRL 10m Contest
as DF0NT M/S from the university of Esslingen (near Stuttgart).
We had a 5el Monobander on the roof of a 130ft high building as
the main antenna. The second antenna was a vertical polarised 2 el
yagi 2 floors down (abt 15m).
The isolation of the building was so good, that the second station
could recieve on this antenna as close as 150kHz to the Running
station on 10m without any big disturbances.

Finally we lost the contest again DL6RAI M/S - but I think this
was more, because my bad cw :-)

73's & happy contesting

Toby, DH1TW

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