[CQ-Contest] Hard-disc recovery ?

Bill Turner w7ti at dslextreme.com
Sun Dec 16 07:29:30 EST 2001

On Sun, 16 Dec 2001 02:08:18 +0100, Ragnar Otterstad wrote:

>I just had a hard disc crash. With it went my logs. Can somebody tell me if it
>is possible to read/ restore  a bad hard-drive.


There are many companies which do data recovery from bad HDs.  Do a
search for "data recovery" on any search engine.  I like www.google.com.

I know the sick feeling from losing a 20-year log.  I was lucky and was
able to recover mine with some help from the folks at LogWindows.  Now I
have backups stashed away everywhere.  :-)

Good luck.

73, Bill W7TI

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