[CQ-Contest] Fwd: [FCG] riding the RF gain...

Barry N1EU n1eu at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 16 08:50:53 EST 2001

K1KP wrote:

"I'd challenge anyone using a recent rig to claim they couldn't make a QSO 
because of intermod or desense . . ."

My experience on 160M says otherwise Tony.  My previous highly touted rig 
just folded up when another station 5 miles distant was anywhere on the cw 
subband and my Beverage pointed in that general direction.  The performance 
difference between 120dB and 140+dB BDR is quite significant in such 

I would welcome (and purchase) an HF rig optimized for operating in tough 
band condx (narrow roofing filter?).  I'll take better xtal filtering and 
gain distribution over dsp, am/fm & bells/whistles anyday.

73 & Happy Holidays,
Barry  N1EU

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