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John Warren nt5c at texas.net
Tue Dec 18 04:08:25 EST 2001

>I worked  E29AL over the wkend but the NA software doesn't give me a mult.
>Is it a legal one and if so what?

Quite regularly someone asks "What country is xxxxxx?"; "Where is yyyyy?".

Every legal operation uses an ITU prefix. Just look it up in 
"Allocation of International Call Sign Series" in the back of ARRL's 
DXCC List publication. For example, you'll find "E2A-E2Z  Thailand". 
If a prefix is not there (e.g. 1B1, T0) it ain't legal! 
Additions/changes are quite infrequent: "4WA-4WZ  United Nations" is 
the most recent one, although that doesn't tell you which UN 

I'm sure this official ITU list must be on line somewhere. Also, it's 
used by the ICAO for aircraft registrations. Look at an El Al 
airliner, and you'll see a "4X" or "4Z" number.

John, NT5C.

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