[CQ-Contest] Resolve dxcc country

Marko Holmavuo marko.holmavuo at ps1.pspt.fi
Tue Dec 18 20:23:59 EST 2001

Hi Folks!

Does anybody know if there is any good "standard" or rules how the dxcc
country of some call can be resolved. I'm asking that because I'm
programming a software which needs to resolve country from given
callsign...I already made a more than half-functioning method(using
Java-language), but....

I still wonder if there are any "standard" set of rules or things like for
resolving dxcc-countries...There seem to be a lot of different kind of
software which do this kind of jobs...so maybe there is some help
available...any infos/ideas or maybe sample code for any language??

73's Marko, OH4JFN

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