[CQ-Contest] Re: copying weak signals was: K4OJ's problem

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Tue Dec 18 15:28:23 EST 2001

K0LUZ wrote:

> Considering the penalties for bad qso's,  you would think it
> would be important to be accurate instead of just fast.  Cut serial 
> numbers create more doubt than the real thing!

Ahhh ... but there's the problem.

A guy sends AEET

His log says he sent 1550 (but he "really" sent AEET!)

Now, if you actually log what was sent ... AEET ... that would be wrong.
(Why?  That's what the guy sent, wasn't it?)

Now, instead, one has to "guess" that AEET is supposed to mean 1550 ...
if you guess wrong, you still get dinged.  (Remember, the other guys log
shows he sent 1550, but he really sent AEET!)

I think, we should log cut numbers AS SENT ... and what we receive and
log (as an obvious cut number) does not match the 1550 his log says he
sent, the guy sending the cut number should lose the QSO.  After all,
HIS log says he sent 1550 ... my log says he sent AEET ... why is mine

That'll stop the practice in a hurry.


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