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Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Dec 18 18:34:47 EST 2001

> >I worked  E29AL over the wkend but the NA software doesn't give
> me a mult.
> >Is it a legal one and if so what?
> Quite regularly someone asks "What country is xxxxxx?"; "Where is yyyyy?".
> Every legal operation uses an ITU prefix. Just look it up in
> "Allocation of International Call Sign Series" in the back of ARRL's
> DXCC List publication. For example, you'll find "E2A-E2Z  Thailand".
> If a prefix is not there (e.g. 1B1, T0) it ain't legal!
> Additions/changes are quite infrequent: "4WA-4WZ  United Nations" is
> the most recent one, although that doesn't tell you which UN
> operation.
> I'm sure this official ITU list must be on line somewhere. Also, it's
> used by the ICAO for aircraft registrations. Look at an El Al
> airliner, and you'll see a "4X" or "4Z" number.

To answer your and other's questions about "where is....?", "what is...?"
etc., my favorite tool is a simple search on yahoo.com (that's
http://www.yahoo.com).  Simply type in the keywords you are curious about.

For instance:  e29al netted a couple of dozen hits.

ITU Prefix netted a few dozen hits, too. (The first hit was an ITU Prefix
listing on the ARRL website, by the way.)

It's easy! It's fast! It's free! Try it the next time a question about
something/anything comes to mine.  The search engines are awesome in their

dale, kg5u

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