[CQ-Contest] Re: K4OJ's problem

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Dec 18 18:45:15 EST 2001

> 	I just hate putting anything into my log that I KNOW is not correct.
> It also takes another round after getting a weak call for him to send
> his
> exchange...and it's usually these guys that send my call, their call and
> the
> exchange each 3 times at 10 WPM...and then add their family history!  I
> don't know how many times I've struggled with a weak station getting a
> serial number correct...and THEN he corrects his call to one that is
Don't ya love those guys!

If we could just find out what publications they read and write a short,
simple article on how to operate a contest like a pro or something like
that.  I believe we also need to find the guys who asked for repeats from
them and who ultimately convinced them they needed to send their call two or
three times.  :-)  If there were only a Q-signal for "Send your callsign
only once. You are readable and I can copy CW."

>P.S.  On the second point, maybe I'm getting old but it seems the
> quality
> of CW-sending hit an alltime low in this contest!
I didn't notice so much of that.  The DX stations continue to amaze me: I
often cranked my calls to DX stations (strong and weak) up to 33wpm and most
got my call first call, in spite of me being QRP.  Cool!

dale, kg5u

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