[CQ-Contest] Re: K4OJ's problem

Mike Wetzel w9re at worldnet.att.net
Wed Dec 19 18:39:56 EST 2001

One other thing that I haven't seen brought up yet on the subject of working
dupes is this.

I was using totally new (to me) software in the contest.  I had it
configured to work dupes in the cq mode but not to work dupes in the s/p
mode (this seems like an obvious thing to do).  Everything seemed fine until
late Saturday afternoon when several stations on SSB s/p (I was operating on
both modes) told me I was a dupe!  Since several stations said so, I was
really concerned, then I discovered that my software was not telling me who
was a dupe or not!  I couldn't figure out what to do but luckily a local
that I called (who has used the program a while) was able to help me figure
out what the problem was but even this took a few minutes.  All was fine
Sunday until I noticed late in the contest it again was not telling me of
all the dupes (I remember duping W4AN) late Sunday night on cw (I knew I had
worked him but it didn't show up).  One other thing to point out was that I
was calling 'CQ' 100% of the time and doing just a little s/p on the other

I never work dupes if I can help it and am sure glad some SSB stations
pointed this factor out to me (rather than just working me routinely as a
dupe) on Saturday night or else I might not have figured out that the
setting up software was in error (I'm guessing this).  Really like the s/w
but not the inability to see dupes immediately.

Mike W9RE

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> Why
> >>not just guess, or make something up?  He's not going to count anyway...
> >
> >	I just hate putting anything into my log that I KNOW is not correct.
> >It also takes another round after getting a weak call for him to send
> >his
> >exchange...and it's usually these guys that send my call, their call and
> >the
> >exchange each 3 times at 10 WPM...and then add their family history!  I
> >don't know how many times I've struggled with a weak station getting a
> >serial number correct...and THEN he corrects his call to one that is
> I think there's another good reason to do this -- you may not have been in
> HIS log the first time (pileup error or something), and if not, and he
> sends his log in, that QSO won't count.  If you fake the serial number the
> second time, you could lose both QSOs.
> I suggest everyone just accept dupes as overhead and move on.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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